Revival of the Fittest

Revival of the Fittest
January 23, 2020 Patrick Yore

If you have an old piece of furniture (or find one in your travels) that’s tired and in need of restoration, take a moment to re-imagine it. Furniture that’s well-made and has some heft is worth keeping out of the landfill–and done right–can become a quality conversation piece that lasts for years.

I found this Winthrop breakfront secretary covered in cobwebs at an estate sale near my home in Oakland, CA. Under the dust were obvious chips and scratches. Flaws aside, we found beautiful fretwork and original brass hardware. I knew it had potential.

We opted to fill in the scratches and repaint the piece in high-gloss Benjamin Moore Seaweed 2035-10. (Simply White, Harbor Grey or Hale Navy would have been beautiful, too!). When we placed it in our clients’ dining room it brought instant wow-factor.

Another client had been holding on to a deeply meaningful chair that belonged to her Grandmother. The red velvet was faded and stained and clashed with her clean, neutral modern decor. We selected a pale lavender silk velvet and white Mongolian wool to completely change the look while still preserving her modern aesthetic.


Plus, mixing an antique among her cool, sleek design brought character to the room.

Painting and/or re-upholstering furniture is certainly not a new trend, but it does require a little courage. If you’re willing to take the plunge to customize, you’ll create a one of a kind (eco-friendly) statement piece that enlivens and personalizes your home design.

Yours in great design,