Design Services

NY Interiors provides high-quality interior design services customized to your lifestyle and your taste. Creativity, fresh ideas and attention to detail set us apart. We take the time to learn how you live and how you wish to use your home. Then we translate that knowledge into luxury design that’s perfectly suited for you.


Whether you’re interested in an in-home consultation or a full-scale remodel, NY Interiors consistently provides exceptional customer service, creative solutions and original ideas that translate into luxe design. In order to determine which of our design services is right for you, we start with an initial consultation. The price and extent of any NY Interiors services rendered will be determined through an initial consultation in your space. This process generally takes one hour. This is our opportunity to listen carefully to your needs and desires so that we can propose the best course of action for your particular situation. We’ll define your goals, evaluate design dilemmas and formulate a customized solution for you.

One Hour Consultation fee : $350. Email info@nicoleyee.com today to arrange an appointment.



Whether you want to refresh your home, or completely renovate it, we will guide you through the process from conception to creation. Following the initial consultation, we will draft a proposal for recommended work, which may include:

  • Developing original design concepts
  • Selecting furnishings and finishes
  • Space planning
  • Creating color palettes
  • Full scale kitchen and bath remodels
  • Custom upholstery, window treatments and bedding
  • Specialized wall treatments and wallpaper
  • Accessorizing



Color is one of the most important elements of design. Choosing the right colors for walls and surfaces in your home can be overwhelming. If you commit to a color choice that doesn’t work, it can also be frustrating and expensive. NY Interiors can help you select the right colors and finishes to create the desired mood in your home whether you want to make a bold statement, or you’re seeking something more subtle and serene.

When selecting color for paint, tile, fabric, flooring, etc., we consider how you plan to use each room, natural light sources, the color palette of your existing decor, the style of your home and the emotion that you’re looking to evoke. Our recommendations always work together so that your design will flow from room to room.

One Hour Consultation Fee : $350+



In just one day, we will transform your home by re-arranging and re-styling each room using your existing furnishings and accessories.

We start by optimizing furniture placement to ensure good traffic flow and to highlight architectural features. Then we create ambiance using lighting. Finally, we place your art and accessories to polish the look. The end result will be a more useful space, better suited to your lifestyle that’s both striking and inviting.

On the day of your redesign, you’ll spend the day away from your house. The design work which always requires the help of at least one assistant and sometimes professional movers can be done more efficiently when the client is away from home. While you are out, we will be busy stripping the walls, moving furniture, re-hanging pictures, re-styling accessories and delivering a functional, designer look. Upon your return, we’ll tour your transformed space together so that we can discuss design rationale. We’ll make sure that you’re completely pleased with the changes and will fine-tune any areas necessary to make your home feel perfect.

Interior redesign pricing is based on time and number of assistants needed to handle the size and content of each room. A half-day job, including one assistant starts at $1,200. Specific pricing will be quoted during your initial consultation.



Our home re-styling services are an attractive alternative to standard home staging. You won’t incur any recurring furniture rental or retainer fees since we refine and refresh what you already own. Let NY Interiors prepare your house for the competitive real estate market to ensure that your home sells quickly and for the highest price. Contact us now to make sure your home appeals to even the most discriminating buyer.



NY Interiors can deck your halls for Christmas, create sparks for the Fourth of July or haunt your house for Halloween. If you want your home to look festive for the season, or you’re putting together an important event, NY Interiors will take care of all the decorating details for you.