Aged to Perfection

Aged to Perfection
March 28, 2014 Nicole
Italian Sculpture Found Objects

Decorating with found objects instead of purchasing something new from a store will give your design a dose of originality. Whether it’s a valuable antique or something you’ve salvaged, adding an aged piece can change the tenor of a room from flimsy and dull to solid and storied.

I love the coziness of old books and vintage oil paintings, or textiles that are decadently rich but not pretentiously fancy. Lamps and chandeliers from bygone eras can make a very personal statement in a room. If you find an object that resonates with you, chances are that it will make a great conversation piece in your home.

A piece with a patina will add a unique dimension to any design. If you want to avoid cookie-cutter sameness, try adding items with a history. Their imperfections might be the perfect thing to liven up your home.